Feeling bored and looking for something to do with friends? I am proud to present you „Sketch W Frieds“, a game that will solve those problems. I quarantee it will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Sketch W Friends is a modernized drawing game where one player is drawing andimage while others try to guess what he/she is drawing. The game seems simple at first, but when you get into it, it gets really addicting.

Why Sketch With Friends ?

The app allows you to play the game in multiplayer with your friends or with other people on the gaming zones. The best part is that the whole game happens in real time so you can test your skills against the others without delay. The game has several gaming zones like „The Salon“, „Platnium Lounge“ and „Friends & Family“. They let you to choose with who you play your game, be it with your friends in a private room or with random other players in the public zones. If you are not sure about your drawing skills, feel free to practice with the friendly Doodle Bot.

Sketch W Friends provides you with enough tools to keep even the most demanding gamers satisfied. Each of the tools allows you to manipulate the style of your drawing, making it that much more difficult for the others. If you feel you have created something truly artistic, feel free to share it on Facebook or Twitter by using the inbuilt share system. If you are connected to Facebook, the game can even keep score and show your position on the leader board. Nothing like a little competition to fire things up.

Sketch W Friends is a very well built game that can be played on most platforms like iPhone, iPad, Androids, BlackBerry PlayBook, Facebook and Google Chrome to name a few. The game also includes an interactive moderating system, where senior players can gain moderator power to help maintain order in the game.

Editor Review

I used to play Pictionary a lot when i was younger and now with the release of Sketch W Friends i feel nostalgic. The game has been brought to life and it is even better than expected, a truely well made game. Even if you do not like games, you should still get this one, it will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.