Today we are taking a look at something that influences us all, sleeping. I believe everyone has had situations where they can not sleep, be it because of being ill or because of too many distracting noises. Sleep Bug, a cool new app by Arnt-Henning Moberg, is the new solution that promises to help you with the distracting noises at night.

Sleep Bug, your way to dreams

Sleep bug is an app that produces random ambient sounds and music. The app produces relaxing and calming sounds that help you fall asleep or to relax. The sound is very high quality and realistic, making it look as you were there, in the middle of it all. Sleep Bug gives you the option to choose between many different scenes, all of which are unique. When choosing between themes, you can see beautiful wallpapers, all representing a different scene. The sounds are amazing and they really help you relax. The best part is, the sounds are not limited to a generic theme, they are customizable. Every scene has many different sounds to add, giving you the option to modify the sounds just the way you like them. This creates almost endless options for different scenes with customized sounds. And when you feel you still do not have enough, you can upgrade your app to unlock even more scenes.

A multitude on environments

The Sleep Bug offers various scenes, some of which feature: Beach, Music Box, River, Fire, Weather, Jungle and many more. When upgrading you app,, you can get additional features like City, Airport, Winter, Underwater, Train and more. The upgrade even features a Horror scene for some extra spooky sounds. Good for giving your friends a good scare or for relaxing, if you do like the horror scenes. Sleep Bug supports iPhone, iPad and even smartphones with windows 7.

Download Sleep Bug Windows Phone 7.X

 Sleep Bug screens 

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 The authors opinion

Sleep Bug is a very interesting app, it helps you to fall asleep and to relax. I have tried the app myself and i really like it. It really does help me to fall asleep. I especially like the river scene, makes me feel so calm. Actually the app is not only good for  sleeping, but it is also a social magnet. I often turn it on when we are having a small party with our friends, it helps to set the mood. It is certainly a good app to get, it is free, so why not try it. And when you like it, buy the extra scenes, they provide a lot of new scenes for you to choose from.


Download Sleep Bug Windows Phone 7.X