What’s up everyone? Having a tough day? If you’re bored and down, you might need a kick in the butt to get you going! If not that, then maybe a new awesome app for your Apple gadget!

Softwarelint is proud to introduce to you an action packed app named SuperPower – World at War

SuperPower HD is not like any other game you’ve played on your iPad. This app is a one of a kind creation by IPANDA LAB. SuperPower HD is a real time MMO that revolves around war. If you’ve played Red Alert in the past, then this game will definitely give you chills as you may take a trip back to memory lane.

SuperPower HD is a godsend for war hungry gamers who rarely get to see an app like this introduced to the Apple platform.

“Manage cash flow, stockpile uranium, run missions to level your war-winning prowess, and form alliances with other like-minded powers as you seek to annihilate your enemies.”

Interesting iPhone Game

SuperPower HD – World at War is an interesting game that doesn’t fail to make every minute of your gameplay exciting. You are your own boss in this game! In fact, you control everything! How does it feel becoming the General in command in the middle of a war? Of course, you’d never know that feeling… But with this app, you will surely get a taste of what it’s like. SuperPower HD is as real as it gets. You simply cannot find any better War genre game available for your iPhone, iPad, etc.

More Info to give you an idea about SuperPower HD – World at War:

**Defend your resources and co-opt your enemys’ by deploying a wide range of units by ground, air, and sea—more become unlocked as you progress in level

**Complete mission quests to perfect your performance by leveling and gaining access to more buildings, units, and battles

**Keep your empire growing with buildings that support population growth, money-flow, uranium production, and defense

**Join forces with your friends in this real-time world-domination MMO, to combine your most powerful units against your enemies

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As you can see, this game is the complete package. If you’re looking for a war themed game, then this is it! It has finally arrived ladies and gentlemen. This iPhone app will surely get you hooked.

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/superpower-world-at-war/id507134694?mt=8″]

Are you ready to lead your army? Download SuperPower HD – World at War now!