Have you ever asked yourself “When Did I last go to the movie store?” or “When Did I visit my girlfriend?” Well, to be honest, most of us encountered this throughout our lifetime. We often wonder when we last did things because we humans are naturally forgetful at times. But what if there’s an app that can help you remember. What if there was an app that will allow you to sort out your plans easily? That’s where WhenDidI app comes in!

WhenDidI is an app that helps you log events. It can log virtually anything you want! You can track anything! From how many times you went out running or how many calories you took in for the day. WhenDidI is a revolutionary app that allows you to plan ahead and look back to your past activities. This can double as your personal planner as well.


Here are the Key Features of the WhenDidI app:

•          Add as many events as your phone can handle.

•          Define you own measurements.

•          Create unlimited event categories.

•          Easy event entry with widgets.

•          Plot events on charts.

•          ICS look and feel on older devices.

•          Android 2.2+

So what else are you waiting for? Grab this app now!

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