Setting up nice wallpapers on an AMOLED display always increase the look of your device but for that we have to sacrifice few percent of our just to make it look good, not any more. You can save your phones battery by setting up Dark HD wallpaper, well that’s what the developers say about this app. They claim that the Darkops: HD Dark Wallpaper app can save up to 15% of smartphone battery if you set the dark HD wallpapers. Let’s find out if it’s true or not.

Design of the app

The app has minimal and simple design; you don’t have to navigate much to go through the whole app. The app has 3 tabs naming recent wallpaper, Category; which is subdivided into 10 tabs and a Favorite tab. On the top right corner there is a small dropdown menu which gives you options to set, save or store wallpaper.

How the app works?

Using this app is very simple as there is not much to navigate into. All you have to do is select wallpaper and choose one of the three options save, set as or add to favorites. It’s that simple, you can set up any wallpaper as your home screen background directly from the app without even downloading it. The wallpapers are of high quality and they won’t fade even if you zoom in or use them after cropping. All the wallpapers are free of cost and has no in app purchases. Now coming onto, whether it saves battery or not. We have to say it did save our battery life but the results were not the same every time we used them. Sometime it showed very good results and in the next test they were bad. We used different smartphones and the same thing happened in all of them. The 80% of wallpaper is black so if it saves 6%-7% of battery it’s not bad.


The minimalistic design of the app makes it easy to navigate it. You don’t have to save the wallpaper into your device to set it up as your home screen wallpaper. The number of wallpaper was very less but more of them are expected to be added soon enough. the app needs serious updates to keep on rolling as it has not much to offer to the audience, but the focus of the was to deliver HD wallpaper without sacrificing the battery life and they successfully did. The wallpaper do save some of the battery life making your device last a little longer. The wallpapers are mostly black in color so it may not attract many people because most of them like to keep as colorful wallpaper on their AMOLED displays. The developers have to work hard on delivering the HD wallpaper that has little more color and designs into it to attract more people to use the app. If you don’t have any problem using dark wallpaper then this app is definitely worth a try.

Download Darkops app today from : Playstore